At Items of Interest, we love to work with interior designers and architects.  Contact us about getting products to satisfy your clients at a great price.  Tiered discounting is also available at the following levels:

10% merchandise discount--No annual minimum

15% merchandise discount--$10,000 annual minimum

20% merchandise discount--$20,000 annual minimum

We reserve the right to change the list of items not eligible for the trade discount at our sole discretion without prior notice to members.


To qualify, please provide at least two of the following:

  •     Proof of valid membership (e.g. current membership ID):

        ASID - American Society of Interior Designers or international affiliate
        IIDA - International Interior Design Association
        AIA - American Institute of Architects
        IDS - Interior Design Society
        CID - Certified Interior Decorators International
        NKBA - National Kitchen & Bath Association (AKBD, CKD, CBD, CMKBD, or CMKBE)
        APLD - Association of Professional Landscape Designers
        A staging organization, such as ASP, HSR, IRN, RESA

  •     Resale Certificate(s) - completed certificates are mandatory for each state where you are seeking tax exemption (U.S. only)
  •     Business card indicating your design profession.

Items of Interest reserves the right to make all membership determinations at our sole discretion. Each designer must individually apply for membership by submitting their individual qualifications.


Membership is not transferable. A valid photo identification must be presented in person to receive the trade discount at time of purchase.

Misuse of membership may result in membership termination. Misuse includes, without limitation: use of the trade discount for personal purchases, any resale of merchandise purchased using the trade discount through any retail outlet (e.g., resale on or through any retail or auction Web site or store), reimbursement of trade discount upon merchandise return, transfer of membership, allowing others to use the membership card (e.g., sharing the card with a client), and submitting false, expired or misleading information in connection with a membership application.

Resale Certificates For Tax Exempt Purchases (US Only)

To continue facilitating tax exempt purchases in the states in which you are reselling our merchandise, Items of Interest must have on file the appropriate completed state Resale Certificate forms when you place an order online or through a representative. Although you may have already sent us a copy of your (re)seller’s license or permit, state authorities also require us to keep a complete copy of your signed Resale Certificate and/or Permit on file. To ensure that no sales tax is charged on future purchases intended for resale, please fill out your state’s Resale Certificate, available at their Tax Department website.

NY State Resale Certificate

Note that we are required to charge sales tax on all of your business purchases in instances where we have not received a completed and signed Resale Certificate and/or permit as required. If you have further questions, please call 718.404.9185. We very much appreciate your cooperation, and look forward to your continued business.